Namib-ian the Fast Lane

There are so many beautiful places to see and things to do in Namibia it is hard to choose which direction to go: Etosha Safari Park in the North, Swakopmund in the West, and the iconic red dunes in the South. All of which are around 300km of gravel roads away from Windhoek. Rather than limit ourselves to what we could see by bicycle, it was an easy decision to join the other 4×4 overlanders and temporarily retire the bicycles at our Warmshowers hosts’ place (thanks Marcel!). In FIVE days of driving we were able to: see our first rhino in Etosha, learn about cave paintings by ancient San peoples at Twyfelfontein, chase ostrich on a rugged 4×4 track leading to the ‘Skeleton Coast’, drive on a salt road, laugh at seals, eat lamb shank in a German colonial town, sand board on the Namib dunes, and overall drive an impressive 2,000km (compared to the 4,000km we’ve cycled in the past 3 months)!!






It was well worth the money to hire the 4×4. We got to see and do things we wouldn’t have had the energy to do otherwise and experience travel in a different way. We carried meat to braai (BBQ), firewood, camp chairs, and cold beer – all the luxuries of car-camping! On the other hand, we noticed our interactions with locals and travelers were less engaging and infrequent. There is something about being on a bicycle that breaks down barriers and makes you more approachable. In the end, we were excited to get back on the bikes, brave the gravel roads, and head South to the red sand dunes of Soususvlei.

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