The Pacific West Coast: Canada to USA

After four months of leaving our bikes in their boxes, we decided it was time to stop cycling and start putting down some roots. JUST KIDDING! Instead, we’ve been spending time with family in N. Ireland, waiting for Simon’s US permanent residency visa and planning our next trip. Over the last several months, we’ve become more and more aware of how short time on Earth can be, so we’re going to live it up while we can… or until August when we actually consider putting down roots in Denver, CO.

So, here is the start of our next chapter: The Pacific West Coast – Victoria, British Columbia to somewhere in California. The final destination is vague, because it’s most important to us to take the opportunity to spend some time with our West coast family. Besides…this type of travel is supposed to be about the journey, not the destination! We started this leg by flying into Vancouver Island and being happily welcomed by a bicycle-building station and secluded cycle trail leading from the airport all the way to downtown Victoria. It turns out Victoria is one of the most cycle-friendly cities we’ve been to, and found many more paths/trails/lanes all over the island. We spent several days adventuring, spending time with our good friend, Amy, and realizing how out of “cycle-shape” we now are (honestly, our butts were shocked to see a bike saddle the first couple of days).

We also had a chance to snap some new pics of our gear! 

After taking the ferry to Port Angeles we were welcomed by the Olympic Discovery Bike Trail. We were able to spend a whole day’s ride on a quiet path through dense woodland and scenic farms. Over the next few days we’ll be building our endurance back up and enjoying the ride through Washington State to Portland, Oregon. Here we come Mom and Monte!

4 thoughts on “The Pacific West Coast: Canada to USA

  1. Looking forward to this trip I love your stories n pictures N I’ve always wanted to do that trip So Keep Up the good work u Logan’s n look out for those big teddy bears 🐻

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